TimeWorks Reverb 4080L

TimeWorks Reverb 4080L 1.101

TimeWorks Reverb 4080L combines superb early reflections with lush, rich tails
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TimeWorks Reverb 4080L 1.1 is a reverb plug-in software which combines superb early reflections with lush, rich tails to achieve silky reverbs. It features top quality sound and helps to prevent ringing dissonances and metallic artifacts. The tool also has true stereo 32 or 64-bit internal precision to fine-tune for the system. It has an excellent algorithm ensures the sound the user would expect from a hardware unit.

The application has real-time previews, which is dependent of the hosting application. It is fast and reliable. The utility has an easy to use interface exactly like using any hardware unit, complete with analogue-style meter. The plug-in requires applications, which are compatible with DirectX (ActiveMovie) plug support. It requires no specialized DSP hardware. The application has layer multiple instances for thick verbs. The layout is in accordance to the traditional and actual reverb hardware. This makes it user-friendly and easy to use. The meter has a range of -20 dB - +3 dB and the sound controls include Color, pre-delay, decay, damping, room size.

The plug-in helps the user to combine reflections into quality reverbs, obtained only by hardware units, which costs a lot.

Luis Sanchez
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